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Every year, FWD50’s global community of public servants, technologists, and civic innovators gather to tackle one vital question: How do we use technology to make society better for all?


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We interview authors, public servants, and digital innovators, and publish thought-provoking essays on our core themes. Here are our most recent posts; you can also check out past updates as well.

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We’ve welcomed hundreds of the world’s leading digital government experts to our stage. You can check out all our past faculty on our speaker page.

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Government runs on information, and it’s your job to keep it running smoothly while upgrading old systems and incorporating new approaches.

FWD50 has the kind of workshops, case studies, and expert voices to help you shape the platforms on which tomorrow’s governments will run.


Modern society is a partnership between the public and private sector. To keep up with rapid, pervasive change, governments need the help of disruptors in industry.

Whether you want to attend, speak, or help support the event, FWD50 is the best way to connect with your public service counterparts and chart the course of digital government together.

Government executives

Digital-first services are better for citizens, cheaper to maintain, and more cost-efficient. But building and leading teams remains a challenge.

Through bestselling authors, peer-led learning, and our new Executive Cohort, FWD50 gives leaders the tools they need to rethink government in a digital age.


Each year, our conference links academic theory with practical deployment. We bridge research on procurement, cultural change, technology ethics, and other vital topics with the day-to-day challenges of service delivery, compliance, and budgets.

Civic tech

In the liminal space between public service and private enterprise lives, a thriving “third estate” of civic technologists. This “digital peace corps” gives innovators a chance to contribute to society, challenging norms and accelerating tech adoption.

Each year, we partner with leading civic tech organizations around the world on stage takeovers, research, and vibrant discussions.



Gone are the days of “fire-and-forget” lawmaking that has no regard for the implementation of legislation. Today, policy and implementation go hand-in-hand, with digital possibilities informing outdated laws.

Navigating this new, iterative world means connecting policymakers with those responsible for building and operating the resulting services, which is a core element of the FWD50 curriculum.

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Our partners

We couldn't run FWD50 without our collaborators in civic tech and consultancies around the world, as well as dozens of industry partners who see FWD50 as the best way to connect with their public service counterparts and chart a path towards better digital government together. We'll be announcing our 2024 supporters, and many more collaborators, in the coming months.


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