Why attend?

FWD50 asks one fundamental question: How do we use technology to make society better for all?

FWD50 happens online, and in person in Ottawa, Canada.

Whether you attend the physical event November 6-8 2023 at Lansdowne Park; join us virtually; or watch transcribed, translated talks afterwards, you'll have access to some of the best digital government content in the world.

If you've attended FWD50 in the past, you know about our unique blend of hands-on learning, real-world stories from around the world, and inspiring takes on the latest technology.

If this will be your first FWD50, here's a bit of information to help you make the case for participating:

For those working for change

Whether you're a leader who wants to help navigate digital transformation, or a front-line public servant tackling the realities of government administration, we've got content to help you do your job better. We bring authors, technologists, and executives from around the world to our stages and our workshop tables. You'll learn the latest techniques, and how to avoid common pitfalls, from those who've pioneered transformation. Our lineup is packed with practical lessons you can put to work immediately.

For our industry partners

There's no expo hall at FWD50. We're not a media company. We put learning first. The result is a global community that's eager to learn. For the sponsors and partners who help us create the event every year, FWD50 is a trusted platform for their executives, breakouts to showcase their innovation, and workshops where they demonstrate real value to public servants. We're the best way to join the conversation about digital transformation where it's happening.

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For academics, agitators, and front-line workers

Change isn't always comfortable. We work with foundations, civic tech organizations, and the leading thinkers on ethics, governance, security, and more to ensure a balanced discussion that puts human-centered design at the core of everything. We're not just a place to discuss the future, but also to shape it into what it can become with a global faculty of thinkers and activists.

Ways to attend

Individual tickets

Single tickets are available for both public servants and the private sector.

Bulk passes

Discounted tickets are available in sets of 10 or 25 for larger groups.

For departments who want to send 50 employees in person and more than 150 attending virtually, a departmental pass may be a better option.

Departmental passes

Want to bring an entire department, and share virtual training with thousands of your peers?

You can also attend FWD50 as a Volunteer or through our regional access program that brings hundreds of regional public servants to the conference each year, absolutely free.


Got questions?

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