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Patricia Nadarajah (she/her)

Directeur de la planification des nuages, Services partagés Canada (SPC)

Director of Cloud Business Enablement Services – Pat began her career in IT in the private sector in 1985. She worked as a computer operator, customer support analyst and beta tester for large It companies like Cognos and Fulcrum. Pat also spent 7 years as an IT consultant and then joined the public service in 2000. Over the next 18 years she has worked at ESDC, TBS and SSC, in a variety of roles. In 2016/17 Pat started working on the technical requirements to stand up the GC supply for unclassified public cloud services, which resulted in 26 contracts. In addition to the source of supply for cloud, the Cloud Brokering Service was stood up to enable the GC clients access to the cloud services through the cloud contracts.

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