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Dan Tse (he/him)

Product Manager, Code for Canada

Daniel graduated as a biomedical engineer from the University of Alberta. He spent almost 10 years designing accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. From making an impact at an individual level by continuously focusing on the needs of the user, he started applying the same practices at a community level. His work as a consultant with a data analytics firm has led him to design and deliver a digital tool to assess mental health and substance abuse risk levels in remote communities.

In 2017 through 2018, he was selected as the inaugural Code For Canada Product Manager for the Federal team where he worked on a product helping Veterans with Veterans Affairs Canada and Canadian Digital Service.


Demonstrating what's possible: The Code for Canada Fellowship in review

November 9, 2018  4:25 PM – 5:00 PM
In this presentation, Daniel and Farzad will talk about their experiences, challenges and lessons learned applying 21st century digital skills and methods to build user-centric public services and programs at VAC via the Code for Canada Fellowship program. See more.
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