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Lisa Fast (she/her)

UX Architect, Vation Inc.

Lisa is a UX Unicorn, with over 25 years of experience in User Experience (UX), service design and behavioural research. She is a co-founder of Vation Inc., a boutique digital services firm. A long-time Github collaborator on the Government of Canada’s Web Experience Toolkit (WET), Lisa is now leading collaborative design teams to improve citizen success on Canada.ca. She is a bit of methodology geek, and spoke recently about online research methods at Service Design in Government in London UK. Back before UX was even a thing, Lisa completed a master’s degree in Computer Science in the psychology of programming.

Lisa writes on Linked In, on Twitter @lisavation and on Github @lisafast


From Nudge to Sludge: 3 ways outcomes go wrong online

November 9, 2018  6:40 PM – 7:15 PM
Find out how to ensure the outcomes you seek from digital service transformations deliver Nudge not Sludge. See more.
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