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Sidra Mahmood (they/them)

Open Data Lead, Data Intelligence, Chief Data Office, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Sidra leads the open data presence and publication processes for the Government of Canada's fourth largest department. A service designer at heart with design roots, Sidra is committed to using data and empathy-driven design practices as well as policy analysis to improve the usability of critical government services. Their goal is to simplify digital processes to create meaningful participatory opportunities for public engagement with governance, while embracing the spirit of transparency and openness. Prior to this role, they were a recipient of the 2020 Code for Canada Fellowship and a proud core member of the City of Toronto’s Open Data team. Sidra has lived all over the world but now calls Toronto home. They are an avid hackathon participant, digital accessibility SME, and frequent speaker at UX, open source, and civic tech conferences. In their spare time, they enjoy DJing, camping, and are the proud pet parent of two retired racing greyhounds.


How to Incorporate Inclusive User Testing into Government Projects

November 3, 2022  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
At Code for Canada, we believe in building products and services with, not for, the people they’re intended to serve. This panel discussion will share the new “GRIT 2.0” features and feature a member of C4C, a government partner we’ve worked with and a tester who has been part of the testing process. See more.
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