This year's FWD50 will be a bit different, spanning four days, as well as an Executive Cohort. We're combining the best of virtual and in-person with an all-online day on October 10 you'll hear from audiences around the world—and a global set of virtual attendees. It'll include keynote talks and digital workshops.

In early November, we'll return for two days of hybrid content, blending an in-person audience in Ottawa folks with tuning in worldwide. And we'll wrap up on November 6 with an in-person-only day of face-to-face interactions (including some of our online speakers,) mentoring, and workshops.


High Level 2024 Agenda En

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While FWD50 is definitely the most important digital government thing happening on November 5, 2024, we're aware that the first Tuesday in November may have other events relevant to the public sector. That's one of the reasons our agenda this year is a bit different.

Since we know many folks will be keen to watch the US election unfold, here's our plan:

  • An all-virtual day in October lets speakers who aren't able to participate in person share their knowledge with attendees.
  • When stages wrap on November 5, we'll turning our venue into a viewing party, streaming live election results from several different media outlets.
  • Day 4 of the conference is focused on conversations and interactions between in-person attendees—a perfect chance to discuss the implications of the day's news with peers, speakers, and mentors.

If you're a US voter who wants to speak or attend, be sure to file an early ballot before boarding a plane to Ottawa.


More details

We'll announce our full agenda later this year. Now that our annual content survey is completed, our Call for Proposals is open. Stay tuned for more details on sessions, speakers, and formats—we have plenty of surprises in store this year.

If you want a sense of what past years' agendas were like, follow the link below.

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