Help shape our 2020 event!

We need your input for our annual digital government survey.

Published On May 26, 2020

Each year, FWD50 conducts a survey of hundreds of public- and private-sector people from around the world. We use this information to guide the format of the conference, but also to find out what topics we should tackle and what will make the event most useful for our audience.

This year, we’re adding some questions around COVID—one of the most dramatic peacetime technology accelerations in human history. We want to know how you consume content, and what has most surprised you about this forced transformation.

The survey will take around fifteen minutes to complete. We’ll analyze the results in the coming week and share them as we open our Call for Proposals, as well as with our speakers. Thanks for investing your time in shaping what FWD50 can be in 2020.


Please note that this survey is no longer active.