Governing from the edges: digital change, inclusion and impact in British Columbia

Published On Aug 5, 2020

“It’s critical that we build for folks who live on the margin.”


Technology is a tremendous force for good. It can create efficiencies, support innovation, and strengthen the basis for shared prosperity. In BC, they are working to capitalize on that force to benefit their citizens through the services that impact them most.

Digital innovation has changed our world, but governments have not always adapted. This talk explores efforts in the Government of BC to adopt digital change. It includes lessons for other digital leaders, particularly at the subnational level. The focus is on specific strategies for governments to become digital, delivering services in modern ways that citizens deserve, and strategies for managing digital change for inclusion, empowering traditionally marginalized people, and impact, maximizing the usefulness of public sector investments.

The presentation gives: (i) insight into the strategy for digital government in BC; and (ii) insight into how the public sector can collaborate and adopt technology, both effectively and responsibly, so that our governments work better.

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