Leadership in Digital Transformation: A Chain Reaction Panel

Published On Sep 8, 2020

“Embrace the new technology, learn, fail, regroup, rethink, restart, and actually meet citizen expectation.”


A move to digital government changes what we deliver, and how we deliver it, in fundamental ways. When we worked with atoms, cost forced us to accept that one size fit many; now we work with bits, every product or service can be tailored to the user. And once, leadership meant convincing others to act in the absence of information; today, it means asking the right questions of oceans of data.

What does it take to “walk the walk” of digital transformation? How do we go beyond technology to the culture needed to turn shiny new ideas into meaningful societal change? In this unique interview format, three digital pioneers from the public and private sector discuss their perspectives on how governments need to adjust to the new realities of leadership.

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