FWDThinking Episode 14: In conversation with Laure Lucchesi

Laure Lucchesi on government innovation and open data.

Published On Jul 16, 2021

All opinions expressed in these episodes are personal and do not reflect the opinions of the organizations for which our guests work.


How does government innovate? For this episode of FWDThinking, I sat down with Laure Lucchesi, director of France’s Etalab. In her role as Chief Data Officer, she focuses on disruptive projects that harness data, AI, and open source to improve the public service.

Etalab’s model brings technology entrepreneurs into government for 10-month engagements where they work alongside public servants, with a significant impact on how ministers view tech. But France also has some unique differences, from legal system to tech adoption, that make Laure’s experiences unique.

In this interview, we talk about how open data is a “gateway drug” to innovation; the challenges of bureaucracy; whether Lean Startup approaches work in government, how to overcome the natural resistance of government to novel changes, and what things shouldn’t be digital.

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