FWDThinking Episode 19: The rise of open source technology within government

Alistair Croll in conversation with Technation’s Angela Mondou.

Published On Oct 13, 2021

All opinions expressed in these episodes are personal and do not reflect the opinions of the organizations for which our guests work.


Technation—formerly ITAC—represents Canada’s private sector. We sat down with Angela Mondou, Technation’s president and CEO, to recap a tumultuous year and understand what her experiences helping Canada weather the pandemic have shown her about what the tech industry needs to work on.

When COVID hit, Angela took on the role of IT leader on Ontario’s Vaccine Distribution Task Force. Her experience as CEO of health analytics firm Oculys Health Informatics, combined with a decade of work on logistics in National  Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, gave her a unique insight into the challenges of large-scale health operations.

One of Angela’s big takeaways was the need for open, interoperable data so that different departments, jurisdictions, and sectors can collaborate on large-scale or urgent initiatives. In this interview, we also touch on the role the private sector plays in innovation; what the public sector should own and what it should outsource; and the rise of open source technology within government.

Angela will be taking the FWD50 stage on November 2 to discuss the changing face of government procurement in Canada with Shared Services Canada’s Stéphane Cousineau.