FWD50 Extras: Metaverse 101

Join us October 6th, 2022 for this FWD50 Extras session hosted by Think Digital's Ryan Androsoff and Meghan Hellstern, as well as Sysabee's Jen Schellinck.

Published On Aug 17, 2022

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FWD50 Extras is a year-round series of events. These events include workshops, meetups, debates, and more, and are a chance to dive deeper into vital public sector topics with world-renowned experts on policy and technology.


One of the biggest digital buzzwords of 2022 is the “Metaverse”, but do you know what it really is? Join us to learn more about how technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been rapidly evolving beyond entertainment and starting to be used in a wide range of professional settings. The Think Digital team have been pioneers in Canada using VR for the training of public sector leaders through the Digital Executive Leadership Program and they will share some real world experience using this technology in the virtual classroom and what they have learned from the public service executives who have been able to experience it.


Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in learning about what the so-called “Metaverse” is, including related technologies such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, and what the implications and opportunities may be for governments.

Speakers: Ryan Androsoff (CEO & Founder, Think Digital), Jen Schellinck (CEO, Sysabee) and Meghan Hellstern (Facilitator & Trainer, Think Digital)

When: 2:30PM-4:00PM EDT on October 6th, 2022

Where: Online


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