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Published On Sep 14, 2023

In 2022, we worked with some of Canada’s largest departments to create a department-wide pass. Hundreds of government employees attended FWD50 in person, and thousands more joined us online. We’re bringing back department passes for 2023, with many more in-person tickets as well as additional content before and after the event.

Since 2017, thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers have charted the course of public sector innovation on our stages. Our goal has always been to bring together a global community and the best speakers to move digital transformation forward. And now, you may already have a ticket!

For participating departments, every employee can watch amazing keynotes, connect with peers from around the world, hear groundbreaking case studies, learn about emerging technologies, hone leadership skills, and more. And after the event, they’ll have access to captioned, translated recordings of our stages.

For Federal employees, FWD50 has been classified as a training event by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) for IM/IT-related large information-sharing or learning sessions. So it’s part of your training.

But don’t take our word for how great the event is. Here’s what past attendees have said, year after year:

  • “Once again, FWD50 sets a new standard.”

  • “This was one of the best-run conferences I have ever attended or spoken at.”

  • “It’s my first year attending FWD50. I am kicking myself for not attending in the past.”

  • “Every single session that I attended was mind blowing.”

  • “I have come to look forward to the FWD50 conference each year as a way to reconnect, recharge and make new partnerships.”

  • “One of the most responsive and relevant learning events.”

  • “You know when you experience those special moments that change the trajectory in your life... it happened this morning at the #FWD50 session.”

  • “I attended FWD50 virtually for 3 days and wish it didn't end. Didn't want to miss even a minute of thought-provoking content.”

  • “Some of the most inspiring and fascinating speakers, all on a platform that was easy to use.”

  • “Very impressive speakers, content and use of technology to facilitate a remarkable virtual conference. Depth, breath and diversity were outstanding.”

  • “This is the conference for any leaders who are skeptical about ‘digital'.”

  • “The FWD50 conference was a blessing, it re-energized me and made me realize we do make a difference working in IT.”

  • “Every time I attend FWD50 they raise the bar and the benchmark for conferences.”

Talk to your department head to see if you’ve got access to the conference, and to find out how to get approval and register your ticket. And if you’ve got questions, contact us!

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