9 novembre 2020  20:00 – 20:40

L'IA, de la politique aux solutions pratiques

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Artificial Intelligence is more than a buzz in government and industry today, real AI solutions are driven by clear business objectives, based on strong policies which deliver real value to all stakeholders. Join this breakout session to hear from transformational leaders who are leading the development of both policy and practical solutions.

Chris Moore who is known for his innovative approach to change in government will be joined by Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of AI Global and Paul Bellows of Yellow Pencil as they discuss how AI can be leveraged in government.  Ashley and her team along with their collaborators have created world class tools to ensure the responsible design, development and deployment of AI. Paul and his team have designed and implemented AI based solutions. Join us for a lively conversation.

Community Advisor
Public Sector Network Canada
Executive Director
AI Global
Yellow Pencil
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