9 novembre 2018  18:40 – 19:15
Innovations de l'industrie

La prochaine économie mobile : Libérer tout le potentiel des plateformes mobiles

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Close to half of the total global workforce uses mobile devices for business — 1.87 billion people — and the number is climbing every day. Mobile devices have become the default mode of communication, opening the doors to expansive new technologies in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. But a fundamental change is coming.

5G wireless technology will outstrip the speed of today’s wired network. But it isn’t just about speed—5G lets machines talk to machines in real time, and offers entirely new applications for edge computing, automation, and more. But most organizations in Canada are not prepared for this mobile revolution. What Samsung refers to as the Next Mobile Economy will trigger a rearchitecting of computing as we know it.

In this session, join Samsung Canada’s Paul Edwards, VP and GM of enterprise mobility, and Terry Halvorsen, CIO and EVP of Samsung Electronics, as they discuss how business leaders can weave progressive mobile strategies into every level of their organization to stay competitive and grow in the Next Mobile Economy.

Vice-présidente et directrice générale
Enterprise Mobility Samsung Electronics Canada
Directeur général de l'information et vice-président exécutif
Enterprise Mobility Samsung Electronics Canada
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