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Gregory Richards (il)

Vice-doyen, Programmes d'études supérieures professionnelles École de gestion Telfer, Université d'Ottawa

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Gregory Richards, MBA, Ph.D., FCMC, is currently Vice-Dean of Professional Graduate Programs at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. Before joining academia, he worked as a management consultant (certified under the auspices of CMC-Canada), a visiting professor at the Western Management Development Centre in Denver, Colorado, and Director of Market Development at Cognos Incorporated. Early in his career, he worked as a public servant at Transport Canada and Consulting and Audit Canada and subsequently as a consultant to several government departments.

At the University of Ottawa, in addition to his administrative roles, he managed the school’s public sector performance management research cluster and the IBM Centre for Business Analytics. He has recently launched the Government Analytics Research Institute with colleagues from Carleton University, the University of Quebec in Outaouais, SAS and the Institute on Governance.

He has published research in the Journal of Public Administration and Research, Information & Management, the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, and the Journal of Computer Information Systems. He has also published an edited book on Big Data and Analytics in Government and has delivered several conference presentations on the topic of performance measurement and management in the public sector.



FWD50 Extras : L'évolution du rôle du dirigeant principal des données au sein du gouvernement du Canada

En 2021, l’Institut sur la gouvernance a lancé une étude en partenariat avec quatre ministères du gouvernement du Canada afin d’examiner le rôle des dirigeants principaux des données au sein des ministères – un poste relativement nouveau dans l’administration fédérale. See more.
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