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Siim Sikkut (il)

Ancien DPI, Gouvernement de l'Estonie

Auteur, Digital Government Excellence : Lessons from Effective Digital Leaders

Biographie disponible en anglais uniquement.

Siim led the digital government and digital policy area in the Government of Estonia for the last 10 years, most recently as the Government CIO from 2017 to 2022. His job was to set the strategy and policies, to launch and steer strategic initiatives and regulation in areas of digital government, cybersecurity, and connectivity in the country.

As a serial intrapreneur in the public sector, he was also one of the founders of Estonia’s groundbreaking e-Residency program. Siim has been recognized as one of the world’s TOP20 most influential people in digital government by Apolitical.

Siim currently advises governments and digital leaders on digital strategy, the leadership and governance for its delivery, large-scale digital service reforms and public sector innovation.

He is the author of “Digital Government Excellence: Lessons from Effective Digital Leaders”, a book forthcoming by summer 2022.


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Club de lecture : « Digital Government Excellence » par Siim Sikkut

Digital Government Excellence offre un traitement fascinant du leadership numérique à l’heure où les gouvernements du monde entier commencent ou recommencent la transformation numérique de leur travail et de leur prestation de services. See more.
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