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Uchenna Moka-Solana (elle)

Fondatrice et présidente, MokSol Impact LLC

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Uchenna Moka-Solana, Founder and President of MokSol Impact, is an accomplished executive leader with a remarkable 15+ year journey in organizational transformation, digital consulting, and product strategy and development. Her expertise spans diverse sectors, including public, non-profit, and private, where she consistently fuels innovation and delivers transformative solutions.
As the first Chief Technology Officer at Color Of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization, Uchenna left an indelible mark. Her visionary "OneCOC" framework integrated all organizational departments, nurturing a culture of shared goals and prioritized initiatives. Uchenna's leadership catalyzed a cultural shift, fostering cross-functional collaboration, transparency, and a shared vision. This transformation enhanced the organization's agility, paving the way for greater impact.
During her tenure as Acting Executive Director at 18F, Uchenna displayed exemplary leadership amidst global challenges including a pandemic, and a presidential election and transition. Her strategic acumen refined the organization's vision, delivering value to partners, stakeholders, and the American public. Her financial and operational prowess revived the agency’s cost recoverability.
As Director of Product at 18F, Uchenna oversaw the practice of end-to-end product and service delivery in collaboration with federal government agencies, improving outcomes for the American public. She also initiated and published a federal government best practices guide for product managers.
Prior to that, as a Delivery Principal at ThoughtWorks, a global technology consultancy, she ensured successful project delivery and transformation for Fortune 500 clients. However, her commitment to leveraging technology for positive change extends beyond her professional roles. She helped establish and scale the Pan Africa operations of ThoughtWorks, and launched initiatives like the first BlackGirlsCODE chapter in Africa and the Coded In Braam software development capacity-building program.
Uchenna holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, specializing in tissue and material engineering. Her extensive research endeavors in diabetes at the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine mirror her dedication to advancing healthcare through innovative research and technology.
Today, through MokSol Impact, she leverages her extensive experience to drive transformative team and cultural shifts, advocate community-centric design, and harness technology for lasting, positive social change.


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