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Natalie Evans Harris (elle)

Cofondatrice et Dirigeante principale de l'information, BrightHive Inc

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As COO of BrightHive, Ms. Evans Harris has dedicated over 16 years to driving the strategic use of data to answer some of our nation’s toughest questions and driving organizational success; Working with a broad network of academic institutions, data science organization, application developers, and foundations to increase the use of accessible data standards, APIs, and ethical algorithms in scaling data science efforts that directly benefit people receiving social services. Most recently leading the development of a Data Science Code of Ethics through the Community-driven Principles for Ethical Data Sharing (CPEDS) Initiative.

As a Senior Policy Advisor to the US Chief Technology Officer in the Obama Administration, Ms. Evans Harris founded The Data Cabinet – a federal data science community of practice with over 200 active members across more than 40 federal agencies. She co-led a cohort of federal, non-profit, and for-profit organizations to develop data-driven tools through The Opportunity Project and established the Open Skills Community through the Workforce Data Initiative.

She led an analytics development center for the National Security Agency (NSA) that served as the foundation for the Enterprise data science development program. With experience on both the offensive and defensive sides of the mission, she served as a Project Manager, Operations Lead, and Organizational Manager. Her achievements resulted in being the sole selection for NSA to spend a year on Capitol Hill as a Brookings Legislative Fellow where she spent a year focused on cyber and governmental affairs issues, serving as his lead technical and policy advisor on bills such as the Cyber Information Security Protection Act (CISPA).

She has a Masters in Public Administration from George Washington University, a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Sociology from University of Maryland Eastern Shore.



8 novembre 2018  20:20 – 22:00
À FWD50, nous sommes conscients de l’importance d’expérimenter afin de croître et d’innover. Lors de la première édition de la conférence, les participants nous ont affirmé leur désir de réseauter davantage et de discuter de sujets d’actualité spécifiques. C’est pourquoi, en partenariat avec BlackBerry, nous avons créé un tout nouveau format participatif nommé « Circlesquare ». See more.

Au-delà de la technologie : Transformer les services sociaux

9 novembre 2018  20:15 – 20:35
Natalie Evans Harris, de BrightHive, Inc, parle de la transformation des services sociaux. See more.
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