March 16, 2023  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT+0

FWD50 Extras: Impacts and implications of Digital-Physical Transformation for the public sector

The Digital Transformation stemming from human-cyberspace convergence has resulted in tremendous economic and societal impact - ultimately attracting digital governance innovation. Additionally, our physical world is undergoing rapid digitalization and cyberspace convergence, erupting into Digital-Physical Transformation, which has introduced a hole in the seemingly under-control, overall digital transformation and digital governance pursuits.

This session delves into digitally connected physical things and some of their applications, tangible benefits and risks, including enhanced government services and operations opportunities. More significantly, the presentation explores the higher-order societal and economic transformation driven by digital-physical transformation and why it compels new governance innovation in the public sector. It underscores the need to envelop digital-physical transformation under the digital transformation big tent to address the new reality where humans, cyberspace, and the physical world now co-mingle in a unified digital realm. It also underlines why a human-centric approach is needed to elicit and bring citizen values and needs to the digital-physical transformation quest with the aid of Design Thinking.

Read their white paper for additional background information on Digital-Physical Transformation.


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