March 31, 2022  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Interactive session

Book Club: The Tech That Comes Next by Afua Bruce and Amy Sample Ward

This is a book about technology. This is a book about equity. This is a book about the way we meet community needs. More than anything, this is a book that asks you to ask questions and join us in stretching our imaginations so that we can embrace change more rapidly and intentionally toward a world that works for all of us.

The Tech That Comes Next explores the implications of our use, creation, and funding of technology today and how social impact organizations, technologists, funders, policy makers, and–most importantly–communities can work together to change it all. From culture change within tech organizations to software development paradigms and even the shifting policy and legal landscape, this book offers a deep dive into the questions that arise when we bring tech and justice to the same table.

Afua and Amy are experienced practitioners who have collectively worked in technology development and deployment, philanthropy, social impact organizations, policy, and more. Their experiences offer an important perspective that make this book both a practical resource and a guide to building something new. Underneath it all is a question and a challenge: how do we change what we value? Inside that question lies the opportunities for all of us to be part of creating a better world and the technology that is part of it.


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From time to time, we run Book Clubs to discuss the latest in digital transformation and public sector innovation with fellow leaders and noted experts. Each session is a candid online conversation, in which we cover a brief synopsis of a book and its key ideas, followed by an open peer discussion with the author.

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The Tech That Comes Next
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