November 6, 2023  4:05 PM – 4:30 PM GMT+0
Inspiring & Interacting

Revolution, not evolution, for federal public service delivery

Efforts to transform how the Canadian government delivers digital services have stalled; public service morale is at the lowest point in years. Meanwhile, public and media recognition of the importance of "state capacity" (can the government actually deliver programs and services?) is growing. What needs to change to close this gap?

In this talk, Sean will present thoughts on macro- and micro-level changes that could improve how the public service works, and in turn, improve how effectively it delivers public services. Incrementalism hasn't worked; big changes are needed. Much like the UK more than a decade ago, the Canadian public service needs "revolution, not evolution" to become an organization able to deliver services that meet people's needs. How to do that, in turn, in a way that brings public servants along and empowers them, instead of sidelining them, is the challenge in turn.

This talk will build on Sean's experience as a public servant working on technology efforts over the past 7 years, his care for fellow public servants, and his "chaotic good" alignment as a public servant. Bring on the revolution!

Former federal public servant
Open government program manager
Government of Yukon
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