November 8, 2023  3:15 PM – 3:40 PM GMT+0
Inspiring & Interacting

Reframing choices for widespread public adoption

Rapid technological developments have profund impacts on our societies. On the one hand, digital technologies can improve governance, strengthen economy as well as democracy. Estonia is a living reminder of the enourmous positive transformative power of technologies.

On the other hand, digital technologies bring along risks. Not everybody wants to use technologies for a good cause, and not everybody has the necessary skills and resources to use technologies. The power is shifting, private sector often outweighing the one of governments. This has called for global actions, and technology has entered foreign politics.

This session summarises Estonia’s digital development over the past 30 years, highlighting some of the essential aspects in this journey. This session will also offer a look at the newest frontier of digital government but also global digital collaboration in these challenging times.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador at Large for Digital Affairs
Department of Digital and Cyber Diplomacy, Estonia
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