November 3, 2021  8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

What even is product management in the public sector?

Delivering critical services to the public requires building technology that works for people and for society. This talk will focus on the role of the product management in working across cross-functional teams including engineering, design, users, policy, marketing, analytics, vendors, and stakeholders when building technology products. We need both product managers on teams, and executives who recognize key product skills that are needed on teams.

Attendees will learn how to think like a product manager and how to partner with product managers. Attendees will learn how product managers set strategy, define products, advocate for the user, build in equity by design, experiment with prototyping, integrate ethical considerations, define metrics, utilize testing, prioritize accessibility, manage stakeholders, and understand market or policy factors in order to ship technology services and products that benefit people.

Without the role of a product manager, either officially or someone who executes product principals, our government services often are delivered without meeting the needs of our communities, constituents, and society as a whole.

Senior Advisor
Product and Society
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