November 6, 2020  3:15 PM – 3:35 PM

Today's Problems, Tomorrow's Toolkit: The Public Sector and the Future of Work

Around the world, trust in governments is at an all-time low. Many have lost capacity and confidence. Yet only governments can solve the interlocking crises of health, employment, racism and the environment that the world confronts. The answer to our problems is not to abandon the idea of government, but to reinvent it. In this conversation with Alistair Croll, Professor Beth Simone Noveck, director of the GovLab, will discuss how, arguing that we cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s toolkit. Their conversation will explore the future of work in the public sector. They will discuss the mindset and the skillset of the public entrepreneur, the 21st century public servant who knows how to use both data and collective intelligence to tackle challenges more effectively and legitimately. They will talk about the demands of Covid-19 for governing and the lessons learned and what some of the innovative governments are doing globally to change how they work for the better.

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