November 9, 2020  8:45 PM – 9:25 PM

Parks & Rec and DATA! Five years into a data strategy, what have we learned?

Join us for a nuts-and-bolts discussion on building a data-driven culture in one of the largest public parks systems in the country. In 2015, NYC Parks launched an agency-level Data Analytics initiative to transform the agency’s ability to solve problems and improve operations through the lens of data. Our speakers are Jacqueline Lu, the inaugural Director of Data Analytics at NYC Parks, responsible for initially developing and implementing the strategy; and Leigh Tami, the current Director of Data Analytics, who has evolved the agency’s approach over the past two years. Richard Dunks, co-founder of Datapolitan, a consultancy that focuses on building data capacity in public sector organizations, will moderate a discussion on the design and implementation of the initial strategy; the outcomes, tactics and learnings that came out of the project; and where the agency is now on its journey to becoming more data driven.

Data Lead
Director of Data & Analytics
New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation
Owner & Founder
Datapolitan, LLC
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