November 2, 2022  6:15 PM – 6:45 PM
Inspiring & Interacting

AMA: The State of Government-Vendor Relations

It’s a reality of modern government that public institutions and private vendors must work together to deliver and modernize digital services. This raises important questions about public/private co-operation:

How well are our governments doing when it comes to building strong and accountable relationships with vendors?
What does it take to get this relationship right?

Sean Boots (Canadian Digital Service) and Dr. Amanda Clarke (Carleton University) recently completed a joint research project that investigated IT procurement patterns in the Government of Canada. In this Ask Me Anything session, Sean and Amanda will discuss what they learned, and share their perspectives on the things that governments and private sector actors are doing well—and not so well—when they work together in support of digital government reform.

Public Servant-in-Residence
Carleton University
Senior Policy Advisor
Canadian Digital Service
Associate Professor & Public Affairs Research Excellence Chair
Carleton University’s School of Public Policy & Administration