November 3, 2022  2:25 PM – 2:50 PM
Inspiring & Interacting

Incentivising Good Behaviour

Some corporations make philanthropic donations, some scientists share data, some developers open source code, and some people will pay more for sustainable goods. All of those choices are choices that are somewhat outside of the actor’s self-interest, or at least appear to be.

In a world where the standard definition of success is closely aligned with more money, power, and fame, what is it that motivates some to take action for the good of others? Can greed act in everyone’s favor?

In this session, Maria Patterson draws from her experience building partnerships and collaborations for social good in government, academia, startups, and corporate innovation and walks through ideas for amplifying impact for the greater good by finding and aligning incentives to help one good apple sweeten the bunch.

EIR & Director of New Ventures
LG Nova
Former Fellow
White House Presidential Innovation Fellows
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