November 3, 2022  3:15 PM – 3:40 PM
Inspiring & Interacting

Is the strategy still delivery?

The world’s big problems will only be solved by institutions adopting digital ways of working. This is happening in places, but it is poorly distributed. Efforts to deliver on digital often fail to scale due to a failure to tap into entrenched power structures, a naivety about the inherent 'good' of digital and an assumed shared view on the primacy of public good.

In this talk, Mike Bracken, former Executive Director of Digital of the UK Government, reflects on his global experience in the 10 years since the launch of GOV.UK and the creation of the UK's Government Digital Service. He will give perspective on power laws and silos, organisation design and incentives structures, and how to use these to gain momentum, power and delivery success.

Public Digital
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