November 3, 2022  7:50 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+0
Inspiring & Interacting

The State of Hybrid Work in IT

The world has changed. The way we work has changed. The things employees want has changed. One of the lingering effects of the pandemic is this tension between the desire of many leaders for all to return to the office, and the insistence of the global IT workforce to have freedom of choice on where they work. These opposing perspective may have you already thinking about how to move forward in the long-term: should you mandate employees back to the office full-time, or should you try to reach some compromise with your workforce on where they work? Deciding how to move forward should be based on common and best practices in your industry, as well as the collective will of your labour supply. In this talk you will hear about recent findings from a State of the Hybrid Work in IT survey and how they might influence the decisions impacting your IT workforce.

Practice Lead, People & Leadership Research & Advisory Services
Info-Tech Research Group
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