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Erika Piirmets (she/her)

Digital Transformation Adviser, e-Estonia Briefing Centre

After living and working abroad, Erika Piirmets has grown to value the perks of living in a digital society that facilitates everyday life. Erika believes in equity and accessibility of government services for every citizen through the best user experience. Having contributed previously to education and youth work, Erika is a strong advocate of automatisation and proactive services so that people can focus on what matters – interpersonal communication, both professionally and in private – rather than engaging in bureaucracy.

As a Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Erika’s objective is to support spreading the Estonian digitalisation experience. E-Estonia Briefing Centre is a governmental body created in 2009 for the development and promotion of e-Estonia brand. Estonia is the world leader in digitalisation of government services. The principles of the digital society are the valuable know-how that Erika has taken as her mission to spread in the Digital Transformation Adviser role.


RDGS: Communicating About Emerging Technology

November 1, 2022  8:15 PM – 8:45 PM
What are the biggest questions we have around emerging technologies and how do we communicate their impact? See more.

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