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Jorge Lopez (he/him)

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Jorge Lopez is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, where he founded the Gartner practice for digital business research, the CEO Survey as well as the Board Director Survey. He advises hundreds of global public and private sector clients annually on ways to practically execute on and achieve their mission-critical priorities. He is currently leading research on the Industrialization of Space. In addition to his leadership in these key strategic domains for growth, Mr. Lopez enables IT leaders to drive stronger digital government organizational performance through: 
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence – How public sector organizations can build a future with AI by embedding it into autonomous operations.
  • Preparing for the industrialization of space – How government regulatory agencies, public markets and private firms can work together to build enormous value on Earth and in space.
  • Innovating disruptively – How visionary organizations can build and execute their leading and disruptive visions to fuel growth in economic uncertainty.



Innovation Breakthroughs: How Public and Private Sector Can Work Together to Build AI-driven Growth and Value

The past decade has seen the rise of public and private sector work that results in creating new industries, industrializing digital business, and improving government services. Many of these qualify as breakthrough events as technologies and strategies such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business drive ‘cascading opportunities.’ See more.
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