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Andrew Greenway (he/him)

Partner, Public Digital

Digital strategy leader and author Andrew Greenway has been a prominent champion for transformative digital approaches in large, complex organisations worldwide.

Andrew brings a great depth of experience having worked in five UK Government departments, including the UK’s Government Digital Service. During this time, he was responsible for some of the most significant digital developments, such as leading the team that delivered the world’s first digital service standard and running a prime-ministerial review into the application of the Internet of Things.

Having co-founded Public Digital in 2017, Andrew continues to share his knowledge and lived experience of digital government and institutional reform with senior leaders of high-profile global organisations, whilst writing for international publications and co-authoring two books on the subject.


Public Digital Takeover: Digital service standards

November 7, 2023  6:15 PM – 7:15 PM
Digital service standards have become an increasingly popular tool for raising the bar of public service quality, in Canada and around the world. With careful stewardship, they can smooth the path to more effective ways of working at scale across large organisations. See more.

Beeck Center Takeover: Open Source Government Services: The Promise and The Realities

November 7, 2023  9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Open source software is in our computers and our phones, in our cars and our airplanes — and, of course, in many government systems. But government systems using open source software and being open source software are two different things. Decades into the life of the open source software world, governments large and small still spend enormous sums of money on systems that are closed and proprietary. With all of the potential benefits of open source government services, why is it still this way? See more.
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