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Alec McCauley (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer, Thrive Health

Alec steers Thrive Health’s strategy, direction, and operations, working continuously to optimize our relationships with customers and partners while ensuring all company pursuits align with our platform vision and goals. He ensures all employees have the tools, resources, and support needed to produce effective work and continue to grow in their careers.

Prior to Thrive, Alec spent 10+ years in product and software development leadership, working at start-ups, enterprise consulting services and in the public sector. Notably, he held various senior consulting roles at FreshWorks Studio, and served as CIO for West Island College in Calgary. His diverse skill set enables him to align technology, business strategy, and creative innovation together to drive towards Thrive’s mission and mandate.

Alec is passionate about growing leaders from within, giving Thrivers the opportunity to tap into their leadership potential and provide constant avenues for advancement across the organization, regardless of how and where team members are distributed. When he’s not leading the business, Alec spends time traveling to places he loves, particularly Vancouver Island and Southern California.



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