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Lucas Cherkewski (he/him)

Government of Canada

Lucas Cherkewski (he / him) is a technologist and policy advisor. He helped the Canadian Digital Service grow through pivotal years, embedding in initiatives with many federal departments and advising on the organization’s strategy, including legislative change. He now supports multidisciplinary review teams, interpreting sophisticated technical concepts for policy and legal advisors. He has also been a long-time member of Ottawa’s civic tech community, whether as co-organizer of meetups or collaborator on open data research projects that increase awareness of what government does. Commended for various projects over the years, he was most recently recognized by the Canadian Open Data Society as Open Data Leader of the Year for his work on an accessible, user-friendly interface to the transcripts of the Public Order Emergency Commission.


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Watching the watchers

The national security and intelligence ecosystem is often absent from discussions of digital government – with, in some cases, good reason. What does digital transformation look like inside of Canada’s national security and intelligence ecosystem? What roles do regulators and review bodies play in the activities and undertakings of our national security and intelligence agencies? How do tensions in digital transformation surface in this space and how can we better navigate them? See more.
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