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Chantal Smith (she/her)

Founder Associate, Exponential

Chantal Smith is a social scientist and research associate focusing on AI’s intersection with geopolitics, policy and deep tech at Exponential View. With a Master’s degree in Economy, Risk, and Society from the London School of Economics, she has dissected the social impact of emerging technologies like quantum computing. Chantal’s expertise in AI prompting reaches hundreds of thousands of leaders who turn to Exponential View to understand how their organisations need to adjust to the pace of change. With diverse experiences, ranging from policy research at the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark to academic roles at EPFL, her multidisciplinary approach brings a nuanced understanding of the risks and opportunities posed by AI in today’s world. Chantal will be presenting a hands-on workshop focused on the techniques and insights of prompt engineering with generative AI tools.


Skill building

How to use AI tools for your work in government

Join this virtual workshop to learn about the fundamentals of AI and some ways you and your teams can use and prompt AI tools in your daily public service work to improve productivity and impact. See more.
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