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Barbra Webber (she/her)

Head of Digital Learning and Frameworks, Central Data and Digital Office, UK Government

Barbra has a BSc in IT and Computing from the Open University and a background as a specialist leader of education for secondary school computer science both of which ignited a love of learning and all things digital. Barbra is head of digital learning and the capability framework for the UK Government Digital and Data profession. Barbra designed and developed the DDaT Essentials framework for government senior leaders to understand digital, data and technology and led the government team on the Digital Excellence programme for senior leaders and the learning design of the One Big Thing data learning moment for over half a million civil servants.


The steps to building a digital culture

November 7, 2023  7:45 PM – 8:45 PM
'Digital' isn’t IT. And 'data' isn’t maths. They’re much bigger than that. They’re questions of culture - like: Do we use the best information to make decisions? And do we use up-to-date tools to improve life for the people we serve? Join this virtual workshop to learn how to encourage the adoption of digital-first mindsets and how embracing digital skills can push the frontier of what’s possible for your team. See more.
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