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Ben Sanders (he/him)

Co-Founder & CEO, Proof

From the BlackBerry to the Canadarm, to fundamental physics at CERN, as a Waterloo engineer, Ben has helped contribute to some of Canada’s most advanced technology. As a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Ben has helped launch 3 venture-backed tech startups (Presto, Clearco, Proof). And as a government geek, he has helped advance policy within 3 government space agencies, 2 divisions of the United Nations, the Canadian Urban Institute, and the Yukon Government.

As the CEO of Proof, Ben leads a team empowering governments at all levels across Canada to go paperless by streamlining approvals, digitizing forms, signing with a single click, and improving data-driven decisions – all in one central software platform designed specifically for government.


Driving innovation with public/private cooperation

November 4, 2021  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
This candid discussion with senior executives from leading technology innovators sheds light on the careful balance of delivering to government. See more.
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