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Dorothy Eng (she/her)

Executive Director, Code for Canada

Dorothy helps organizations and institutions use science and technology to solve problems. She is passionate about lending not only her voice, but her hands, to develop tech-based solutions that create meaningful change in our communities.


How digital do you need to be? Introducing Code for Canada’s digital capacity assessment

November 3, 2021  5:20 PM – 6:50 PM
This workshop will introduce the Digital Capacity Assessment and help attendees apply it to their own departments and projects. Participants will get an early glimpse of the tool, and actually contribute to its testing and development. They’ll leave with a renewed sense of how to think critically about digital transformation in their roles. See more.

From private to public: building a talent pipeline for government technology

November 4, 2021  5:20 PM – 6:20 PM
This chain reaction panel will feature experts in academia, non-profit, and government to provide insights on what draws digital talent to public service and share best practices for government recruitment and retention. See more.
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