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Roy Nader (he/him)

Manager, Engagement and Digital Culture, Digital Workplace Taskforce, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Roy joined the government in the region (BC) in 2005. Roy realized the need for digital upskilling of government employees in 2011. Thus, he initiated “Clicks and Tips”, a bilingual GoC community of practice that expanded to over 13,000 members from 93 GoC departments across Canada. Through storytelling and strategic engagement, Roy demonstrated better ways to leverage new and existing tools to improve processes and divert resources from clerical workflow to strategy.

Roy delivered over 200 successful webinars, and some reached over 1000 participants as early as 2015. He trained over 10,000 Government of Canada employees on OneNote, 5000+ on GCTools and 5000+ on Webex and several other platforms.

In January 2020, he was recruited to join PSPC Digital Transformation Team in the NCR, as “Change Management and Engagement Manager”.  If Roy is not learning something new, you will find him volunteering to help or traveling with his family.

In August 2021, Roy joined ESDC to lead the People Pillar portfolio part of the Digital Workplace Taskforce and help employees work in new ways. He started the Digital Boosters sessions that had close to 1000 participants by the third in-house session.


Want to increase adoption? Try strategic engagement!

November 1, 2022  7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Join Roy Nader with ESDC Digital Workplace taskforce (DWT) to learn how to Inspire and Empower employees to Transform. You’ll experience a live engaging session where you’ll take notes of the different strategies you’re experiencing. See more.

Mentor Hourglass Pass

November 3, 2022  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
We've got questions; you've got answers! In this session, you'll tackle some of digital transformation's toughest challenges at a table of your peers, led by expert mentors. To keep things moving, we'll pass an hourglass among participants. See more.
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