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Ryan Hum (he/him)

CIO & VP Data & Information Management, Canada Energy Regulator (CER)

Ryan is the CIO and VP of Data at the Canada Energy Regulator. He is extremely passionate about digital government, human-centered design, reconciliation, and most importantly is the proud father of two. He co-founded the Government of Canada’s Central Innovation Hub, where he served as the Chief Designer and Chief Data Scientist. During his career, he has worked on issues spanning immigration and settlement, disabilities in the workplace, mining, and health, and has also spent time as an Assistant Deputy Minister for the COVID Task Force at Health Canada. Ryan studied biology, engineering, and design, and is working toward a PhD. He is an Adjunct Professor at OCAD University and has taught design, public policy and engineering at Carleton and the University of Toronto.


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Constructing trust as a key digital experience for governments

In an age where dis-information is rampant, engagement is low, our decisions are challenged in court, and trust in government is declining...we need to rethink the digital experience we are designing for. See more.
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