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Jacky Tweedie (she/her)

Digital Transformation Leader

Jacky Tweedie has more than a decade’s experience working on large projects in the Canadian federal public service. She is viewed by her peers as a leader, and recognized for her achievements by the organizations she’s worked for with numerous awards.

Her superpower is bringing people together to do great work, whether that’s building and launching a portal, standing up an agile multidisciplinary team, or undertaking a policy reset.

She has breadth and depth of experience across key functional areas implicated in digital transformation, including: strategic corporate management practices; evaluation, performance measurement, and risk management.

She is agile by default, whether for product development, project management or governance. She is a champion of service design and lean process engineering, with a relentless focus on results delivery for peoples in Canada.

Jacky Tweedie has a graduate diploma in Public Policy and Program Administration, as well as a Master’s in Cognitive Science, and will, one day, finish that PhD.


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