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Jaimie Park (she/her)

Service Designer, Button Inc.

Jaimie is a social impact-driven Service Designer with Button Inc., strategic systems thinker, and serial co-creator. With an organizational transformation lens applied to the endless opportunities (and challenges!) of tackling wicked problems, Jaimie infuses evidence-based design methodologies into problem areas, from climate change transparency to public engagement. Her work is grounded in community theory - with a core belief that our interwoven and consistently-evolving systems need to be shifted with the help of all, and towards a common goal.

Jaimie is an explorer of the power of play, connecting disciplines and investigating the parallels in all kinds of fascinatingly varied systems, from the organization of our brains’ neural networks to the patterns of clusters found in the universe. Through her consulting work with public sector organizations, Jaimie empowers on-the-ground teams to become champions of open, collaborative, and user-first work. She uses facilitation as a leadership tool, bringing together thinkers from diverse backgrounds to own core problems collectively. You can currently find her working in Victoria, BC on the globally recognized CleanBC Industrial Emissions Program that won an international award from Under2 Coalition for “most creative climate solution” during COP26 in Glasgow last fall.

Jaimie is joined at Button by a team of curious designers, developers, researchers, and tinkerers with a shared mission to create citizen-led impact. Through open-source work and co-creation, the team at Button aims to help empower government & industry to become more transparent, foster trust and transform digital services to have meaningful impact.


How Public Trust is Won & Lost Through Service Delivery

November 1, 2022  5:15 PM – 6:15 PM
This talk is aimed at anyone who is involved in public sector program delivery, information-as-a-service or data-as-a-service. Attendees will hear lessons that are grounded in theory and supported by relevant digital government case studies. See more.

Mentor Hourglass Pass

November 3, 2022  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
We've got questions; you've got answers! In this session, you'll tackle some of digital transformation's toughest challenges at a table of your peers, led by expert mentors. To keep things moving, we'll pass an hourglass among participants. See more.
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