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Jaimie Park (she/her)

Service Designer, Button Inc.

Jaimie is a Service Design consultant from Button Inc. working with the BC Government. With a digital transformation lens, Jaimie aims to apply user-centred methodologies to wicked problems from climate change transparency to public engagement. Jaimie’s work is grounded in community theory and systems theory to leverage the power of the collective in shifting systems.

Jaimie’s recent work with the BC Government’s Climate Action Secretariat has explored the intersection of data, transparency, and storytelling to understand how complex climate data can be made accessible and relevant to everyday people.

Outside of the typical 9-5, Jaimie is an avid public speaker with a leadership role in Toastmasters. She spends her free time exploring the connections between social structures and nature, meeting diverse folks, and bringing together the local Victoria music community.

Jaimie is joined by a team of curious designers, developers, researchers, and tinkerers with a shared mission to create citizen impact. Through open-source work and co-creation, Button aims to help empower government & industry to become more transparent and foster trust. As a small company, Button mentors public sector organizations on research-fuelled digital transformation to ultimately help bridge the digital divide.


How Public Trust is Won & Lost Through Service Delivery

November 1, 2022  5:15 PM – 6:15 PM
This talk is aimed at anyone who is involved in public sector program delivery, information-as-a-service or data-as-a-service. Attendees will hear lessons that are grounded in theory and supported by relevant digital government case studies. See more.