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Natasha Clarke (she/her)

Associate Deputy Minister, Chief Digital Officer, Service Nova Scotia & Internal Services

Natasha Clarke is the Associate Deputy Minister, Chief Digital Officer, with Service Nova Scotia & Internal Services.

In her role as CDO her mission is focused on making simpler, and easier services for the people that use them.

Natasha is a passionate, values driven leader, motivated by making a difference for Nova Scotians through partnerships, collaboration and empowering teams.

She is the board President of the Institute for Citizen Centre Service (ICCS), and a member of the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council of Canada (PSCIOC).


RDGS: Setting the stage - Double duty: playing the role of CDO and CIO in Nova Scotia

November 1, 2022  5:15 PM – 5:25 PM
In this short talk, Chief Digital Officer Natasha Clarke will share what she has learned the last 3 years while bringing in CDO capabilities, while being responsible for the world of a CIO team too. The talk will be structured around applying the context of the two-loop model of dominant and emergent systems, to help introduce how this team plans to adapt and deliver to serve Nova Scotians. See more.
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