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Alexandra Cutean (she/her)

Director, Research & Policy, Information & Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

As Director of Research & Policy at ICTC, Alexandra’s work focuses on providing forward-looking research and sound policy solutions for the Canadian digital economy.

Alexandra has spoken at events hosted by organizations like EDC, the Conference Board of Canada, CIPS, and industry leaders like Lyft and Turo. Recently, Alexandra was also invited to participate as a speaker at the 13th annual conference on ICT regulation in Colombia. Alexandra has been interviewed and quoted by various news outlets including the CBC, EDC, The Globe and Mail, IT World Canada and others. She has also recently published an article in Policy Options, examining the impact of ride-sharing on Canadian cities, following a panel she was on with ride-sharing champions Turo and Lyft.

In addition to this, Alexandra has authored a number of key reports during her time at ICTC, including The Digital Talent Dividend: Shifting Gears in a Changing EconomyAutonomous Vehicles and the Future of Work in Canada,  and the Canadian Digital Innovation Measure: Innovation Climate.

Alexandra has a strong understanding of the many facets of digital influence and emerging technologies, along with their potential impact on the Canadian economy, labour force and society.


Digital disruption and the future of work in Canada

November 8, 2018  6:35 PM – 7:10 PM
The presentation will cover topics including emerging technologies, the sharing economy, and the changing nature of work. It will investigate the sharing economy and the increased presence of « gig » or fractional workers, on the Canadian and global economy. See more.
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