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Harper Reed (he/him)

Entrepreneur In Residence, Next Gen Commerce, PayPal

Harper Reed is an hacker/engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same.
Reed served as Chief Technology Officer for Obama for America from April 2011 through the November 2012 election. A central component of that work was Project Narwhal, a centralized database of electoral information. Reed helped build a team of developers from tech companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Craigslist, Quora, Orbitz and Threadless. This approach— hiring technology workers from the tech startups rather than the political realm— was novel.
Harper loves using the vastness of the Internet to bring people together. Today, through the acquisition of his company, Modest, inc, Harper is helping to define the future of commerce at PayPal.


Breakout session with Harper Reed

November 2, 2017  6:30 PM – 7:10 PM
Hear more from digital change veteran Harper Reed. See more.

Change Agents

November 3, 2017  2:15 PM – 2:35 PM
Technology veteran Harper Reed looks at what it takes to make change happen in large organizations. See more.
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