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Kent Aitken (he/him)

Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow, Public Policy Forum

Kent has been working in public sector technology and innovation since 2009 as a practitioner, researcher, advisor, and executive. He’s currently the Director of Learning Products at the CSPS Digital Academy, a learning organization designed to support digital capacity and initiatives across the Government of Canada. He previously led public and stakeholder engagement on Open Government, and adds experience from sojourns outside of government, including the Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship at the Public Policy Forum to study and advise on governance in the digital age, and the OECD to work with countries around the world on public sector innovation.


Moving to digital government

November 1, 2017  1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
If code is law, then government is a computer. As a result, there are few industries more likely to be fundamentally disrupted by the digital revolution than government. In this all-day workshop, FWD50 founder and Harvard Lecturer Alistair Croll and New Zealand’s Government Service Integration Lead Pia Waugh lead a packed lineup of experts considering every facet of digital transformation. See more.

Why the future seems so hard to get to

November 2, 2017  5:45 PM – 6:25 PM
Despite immense pressure for change from a global digital community, governments change slowly. Recommendations - more nimble, more open, less siloed, more proactive - go unheeded. In the meantime, policies that depend on technology all too often limit innovation or leave people behind. Changes blindside government. There are still fax-only services. And all of this costs public money. See more.
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