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Chrystia Chudczak (she/her)

Executive Director, Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED)

Chrystia has worked as a public servant for over 30 years and debuted as a Legislative Assistant for a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. Most recently, she was the Assistant Commissioner of the Northern Pipeline Agency (NPA), where she was responsible for restarting and scaling a federal agency mandated to regulate the building of the Alaskan Gas Highway pipeline. She officially came aboard the Innovation Lab in October 2015.

Chrystia holds an MPA from Carleton University and an MBA from Ottawa University. She completed a BA in Soviet and Eastern European studies from Carleton and a BA in Visual arts from UOttawa. She worked for one year as a lecturer and teaching assistant at Ottawa University’s Introduction to Public Administration course for undergraduates. She has worked as a Senior Strategy Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Ottawa and is also a professional documentary photographer and runs her own business.


Application Migration – Lift – Shift – Drop It Off a Cliff

November 1, 2017  5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
In this half-day workshop, Stephen Woodward leads attendees through the challenges of cloud migration, with hard questions about costs, timeframes, and risks. See more.
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