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Allyna Sagun (she/her)

Manager, Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer, Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON)

Allyna is a senior strategist focused on creating order out of ambiguity and pulling apart strategic complexities to find various paths forward. As a manager in the Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer, her role is to support the CCIO on enterprise priorities at GovTechON – an organization of 4000+ technologists who work in partnership with ministries across the Government of Ontario to develop, deploy, and iterate on innovative digital solutions to deliver better government for over 14 million Ontarians.

Allyna’s previously worked on landmark legislation, the Simpler, Faster, Better Services Act, 2019, which enshrined Ontario’s digital service standards. She also co-authored a previous iteration of Ontario’s Digital Action Plan, “Start with users. Deliver Together.

Outside of work, she’s interested in international governance and improving state and institutional decision-making to ensure long-term peace and effective coordination on emerging global priorities.


RDGS: A conversation with government technology executives across the US & Canada

November 1, 2022  5:25 PM – 6:15 PM
An up-close fireside chat. Learn from two regional government leaders actively creating the conditions for public service teams to scale government technology initiatives and some of their lessons learned along the way. See more.

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